Accurate fit

It is very important that the stickers fit best possible to the shape of the rims and the arrangement of the spokes. Therefore, we invest a lot of development work in the optimal fit of our rim stickers. Only after many test bonding and further optimization of the fit, our designs then go into mass production.

Thus, we can offer a wide range of optimally adapted stickers for numerous motorcycle models, which can be found among others in our ebay-shop.

  • Close up of motorcycle tire with applied stickers
Cutter with orange adhesive foil


State-of-the-art machinery and quality management ensure that first-class rim stickers can be produced and delivered.

Close up of an orange RAL color


For the color selection, I have decided on 11 basic colors. This allows for a simpler and clearer color design.

KTM motorcycle decor with custom rim stickers

Custom Service

You like our product, but you want to have a different lettering? Then definitely take a look at our Custom Service page