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You like our product, but you want to have a different lettering? You want to have your motorcycle model ( ›690‹, ›SMC‹, ›450‹, ›EXC‹, ›701‹, ›125‹ …), your own name with race number (sample name #46) or your own logo, then just write us before buying a short mail with your exact wishes and to 99% we can implement it for you exactly so.

The production time is then around 5-10 business days depending on the effort.

Custom designs are, as you probably already expected, more expensive than the standard sets. The price depends on the effort. Take for example the ›690‹ or ›701‹ set for KTM and Husqvarna. Let’s say you ride a 300 EXC. Changing the number from 690 to 300 is not a big deal. You can expect a price that is 10-15€ more expensive. You want your own lettering in a certain font? With certain parts in different colors? There is more work involved than in the previous example. Which also makes the price more expensive, you can count on 20-40 € depending on the effort.

If I have to produce certain parts in the color, I will of course write to you. The delivery may then be delayed by 5 working days.

Frequently asked questions

All sets that have the same rim size can be combined with each other. Rim size should mean: inch size of the rim + rim width. There are no extra costs for you. All you have to do is write me your desired combination, when buying or even if necessary a short time after the purchase.

Yes, of course, that is also possible. Here the whole thing runs exactly like the example above this. Price no difference, with a small message to me when buying.

Trademark protection

Names and marks belong to their owners. All the names of brands or companies mentioned in the description belong to their owners and are reproduced without guarantee of free availability. The names are either registered trademarks or should be considered as such. Please note that the rights of all logos, brand names, trademarks, etc. belong to their respective owners. It is again expressly pointed out that this is not a product of KTM AG!

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